Wood Trend In High-end Market

Wood Trend In High-end Market As the third largest product industry in the world, furniture is the key to the growth of FSC demand. With this in mind, Roger Taylor, regional manager for the south, recently participated in the high point market (hpmkt) in North Carolina. With more than 2000 exhibitors and 75000

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WOOD FLOORING-------LACEY ACT The Lacey Act is the federal protection act of the United States. It was originally developed in 1900 to protect wildlife. The act was amended in 2008 to cover plants and plant products, including timber. In the wood flooring industry, the Lacey Act deals with illegal logging. It prohibits the import, sale

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Wood Flooring Industry—LEAD

Wood Flooring Industry---LEAD Lead is a natural chemical element. It is a soft, malleable metal that can be toxic if ingested or inhaled. In the wood flooring industry, lead may be present in old finishes and paint, which is often encountered in home improvement projects. The United States Environmental Protection Agency requires that

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Wood Flooring Legislative Updates—Formaldehyde

Wood Flooring Legislative Updates---Formaldehyde Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring volatile organic compound. In the wood flooring industry, formaldehyde is commonly used in adhesives and topcoats. It is not harmful at low exposure levels, but it can be harmful at high exposure levels. Therefore, the United States has regulated emissions. At present, the emission

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Real Wood Flooring Definition

Real Wood Flooring Definition Some of the standards developed by NWFA include a formal definition of wood, which consists of a working group of wood flooring professionals throughout the supply chain. The team's formal definition of wood flooring is as follows: wood is a kind of hard fiber material, which is formed by

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